Reference Database (SQL) licenses are available by annual subscription on a “data-only”, “data+” or “Custom” basis. The subscriptions are for nDatalyze-supplied products and do not include hosting and/or third-party usage fees.


>1200 individual records covering 4 age groups/2 genders (minimum 140 records per category). Ethnicity balance was recognized. Each record contains responses related to genetic expression, formative development, health history, current environment, and consistent “time-of-day” EEG data. The records were gathered in a Company-run collection centre in Calgary, Canada between April, 2021-November, 2021.


Includes the Data-only plus the pre-machine-learning supervision algorithms (“SAs”). SAs are fully-configurable by the user.

Custom Configurations: may include specialized database record gathering (similar to a Contract Research Organization (“CRO”)), custom SQL statements and visualization.

For further information regarding database structure, SSAs, application restrictions and licensing fees, please contact Jim Durward at (403) 689-3901 or

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